What brands do

Brands create customers. They lead them to new levels of awareness, new shapes of self, new realms of achievement, new forms of being and doing. This is important because your customers are your greatest competitive weapon. How your brands create and grow customers determines the long-term success of your business.

Brands are company potential X customer potential

Brands connect the potential of your company with the potential of your customers. Brands can raise this from a simple two-way street to vibrant avenues of innovation—that can open new markets.

Your brand frees customers to grow, and to take you with them, using the platforms you provide. Your brand strategy is your growth strategy.


Brands induce action. They are not a surface coat, a set of symbols or a program of belief. Brands are a system for getting things done.

Brands have a sense of urgency. They flourish in the here and now. They perform, and they’re measured by what they do.

Brands break down barriers for customers. They cut across boundaries, leap walls, undercut silos, disrupt hierarchies.


The best way to make your products fly off the shelf is to give wings to your customers. Your brand is their ticket to fly.