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I’m Brian Phipps, an independent brand strategy consultant. I help companies develop brands as strategic innovation platforms, creating customers who add value back to the business. My direct experience runs from startups to mid-size firms to Fortune 500 companies, primarily on the company side. If your brand doesn’t reflect the value of your company and its products, or isn’t creating strategic value for your business, I urge you to contact me.

That said, I welcome you to Brands Create Customers. This blog is the place to come for a new vision of brands, where brands are elevated from stylized sales stimulants into strategic collaborations to create new customer value. My view is that brands are the highest form of business because they encompass social, creative and moral dimensions in an interactive, collaborative  context. Brands that don’t embrace these dimensions are at a dead end.

As I see it, the mission of every brand is to create the customers that drive the business forward. A brand “creates customers” not by persuading them but by treating them as strategic partners in a joint venture to make them better off and the business better off. In short, brands are a method to create value. They don’t just sit on a shelf or grace a campaign. They roll up their sleeves and go to work.

This site is intended to explore new brand concepts and provoke lively discussions. Creativity, innovation, culture and social theory are the stuff of brands, and are relevant here.


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Contact me at  bphipps [at] tenayagroup.com.


I find Twitter to be a very useful platform to discover new developments in brands and brand strategy. On Twitter you can follow me at brandstrat.


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