Steve Jobs, please crash this party

You’re in luck. You’ve been invited to a Windows 7 launch party. Here’s your chance to catch the full force of the Windows 7 brand, head on. They’re planning the party now. So come on in. Join the fun:

Where’s the effing brand?

If you watched this party pooper for even a minute your reaction may be the same as mine: Where’s the effing brand? And who are these people? Why are they here? This is the brand’s coming out party. The brand is the show. Who gives a flying frig about party favors?

Set the brand free

There’s a Windows 7 brand in here someplace, begging to be freed. It’s stashed away in one of the cupboards. Or behind the sugar. Or buried in the fruit. Someone with decent brand sense (like Steve Jobs) would find it in a hurry. He would drag it to daylight, amp up the vision, forge an identity and unleash it on the world. That’s what this video should do.

Facilitators get in the way

Sadly, these folks don’t have a clue as to what the brand is, or where it’s headed. The way they’re talking, a Windows 7 launch is a sleepover.

And they talk too much.  Brevity is the soul of wit, and of brands. The beauty of a brand is that it is, gloriously. The brand tells its own story. It’s immediate. Facilitators get in the way. We want the brand experience, not theirs.

Brands are binary

Truth is, brands are binary. In the brand world you’re great, or you’re garbage. There’s no in-between. These folks are launching the brand one step from the trash compactor. Go figure.


One Response to “Steve Jobs, please crash this party”

  1. Mike Wagner Says:

    I always learn a lot from you; thanks for your generous willingness to share.

    This phrase I thought was spot on regarding brands; “world you’re great, or you’re garbage.”

    This will date me, but as I read this phrase my mind went to the song from the musical Oklahoma with the lyrics, “with me it’s all or nothing, is it all or nothing with you?”

    Such are modern consumers and their brands.

    Keep creating…brands worth raving about, Mike