Google’s education brand gathers steam

If you want to change the game in a market, one of the best ways is to use your brand to change the customer. Your brand can raise the customer to a whole new level, far above the status quo, and far beyond the reach of competing technologies or practices.

Take a look at what’s happening this summer at the Google Teacher Academy.

Going to school will mean “going to Google”

Google is on its way to becoming a dominant brand of education. As we’ve said previously, in the near future a student may “attend” Harvard or Yale or Michigan State, but that student will likely spend most of their time “in” various Google applications.

Going to school will mean “going to Google.”

When you are the “enabler,” your brand has arrived

Another way of looking at Google’s strategy is to consider how Google’s sets of online applications are becoming a standard “enabler” of learning. Being an “enabler” is the highest form of brand. It means that the value that you deliver is precisely what your customers need to get ahead.


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