Potential brand interfaces for the future

Brands are interfaces to new ways of being and doing, and brand builders always keep an eye out for new advances in interface technology.

Here are 10 futuristic user interfaces for your consideration. These are for the emerging age of brands where brands will be personal, portable and persistent. Of course, they’re not specifically intended for brands. It’s up to brand builders to seize their potential.

Brand interfaces that intensify user participation

For my money, I always look for interfaces that deepen and intensify user participation, where a (creative) brand can be an enabler of new forms of experience, expression and insight.

The above image is from the future of internet search series at petitinvention, a good source of visionary interfaces.


2 Responses to “Potential brand interfaces for the future”

  1. Stan Lee Says:

    “..new ways of being and doing” What a lovely turn of phrase. Might borrow it sometime in the not too distant.

  2. Brian Phipps Says:

    It’s always seemed to me that creating “new ways of being and doing” is a special province of brands, mostly because brands have the power of context. This sets brands apart from marketing, advertising and products themselves.