Brand touchpoints from Boeing engineers

Boeing is offering airlines new brand touchpoints in its advanced Boeing 787 Dreamliner passenger planes—in the form of new seating layouts. For a “premium economy class” on the airplane Boeing has designed a new three–two–three arrangement (see above) intended to be “more efficient at making people more comfortable.” Boeing also offers a more traditional two–four–two configuration.

Space to relax: a critical brand touchpoint

Customer research by Boeing led to the new three–two–three layout. Says Boeing:

In economy, if you get an empty seat next to you, it feels like you’ve won the lottery. With a triple, for every empty seat two passengers benefit, whereas with doubles and quads it only makes one passenger more comfortable.

So far, reaction from airlines has been “mixed.”

Flightglobal has the story, and more details.

Brand dividends from subtle changes

Airlines that are brands of flying comfort and convenience may find that these simple geometry changes can pay significant brand dividends. The subtle differences between them might transform a brand experience from a cramped ordeal to a restful flight.

I always wonder how many innovations from Boeing and other aircraft makers never make it into the cabins of passenger planes, since it’s the airlines who make the final call. More than a few, I’d guess.

Illustration: Boeing, via Flightglobal

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