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The Google brand as a Gmail movie

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Google uses video clips sent in by users to create a short, spiffy video showing how Gmail messages “actually” move around the world. It’s very inventive, and lots of fun—edited down from 1,100 videos from 65 countries.

It contains some important brand lessons, too.

Brands as an engine for discovery

The Gmail video shows what can happen when your brand is a proactive part of peoples’ lives. You want your brand to be an engine for discovery, for play, for breaking free from dull routine and repetition. After all, a brand is a joint venture—running on customer feet.

Your brand should help customers discover themselves. In this process they add value back to the brand, moving the venture forward. (Google’s You Tube is also a major beneficiary in this particular case.)

Fresh brands are plastic

Fresh brands are plastic, too, made to be shaped and molded and bent to new uses, so they can run with customers into new markets. Brands locked away in a showcase, or barricaded behind walls of lawyers, grow pale in a hurry.

Photo: cristina mingot — Flickr